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A service company for oil and gas industry 

Kimek Offshore AS is a service company for the modern oil and gas industry in the Barents Sea and can carry out projects in the whole Barents region thankful to its firm positions in Norway and Russia.


We have achieved our competence and experience from the projects within nuclear safety, shipbuilding, construction and production. We have a lot of qualified welders (within different categories), pipe fitters, mechanics, insulation workers and scaffolders.


At the present time we have about 140 high qualified employees within project management, engineering services, outfitting, fabrication as well as we hire out skilled workers in welding, pipe fitting and other mechanical work.

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Kimek Offshore AS is qualified in Achilles JQS and certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2015.



Kimek Offshore AS was established in 2000 as a service company for the oil and gas industry with mostly welders, pipe fitters, mechanics and engineers.


In 2003 we carried out a project in Russia to qualify 150 russian workers for projects in the oil and gas industry.


In 2007 our company was taken over by Bergen Group which one year later bought an engineering company Sevgyprorybflot (Kimek Engineering)  in Murmansk.


In 2013 Kimek Offshore was sold and once again the company had 100 % local owners.



Kart som viser oljevirksomhet i nordområdene
Illustrasjonsbilde fra Kimek Offshore prosjekt
Kimeks anlegg og Kirkenes
Alexey Tretyakov and the K-O’ team
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Kimek Offshore AS
Phone: 78 97 72 60
Visiting address: 
Storgata 4, 9900 Kirkenes, Norway
Postal address:
Kimek Offshore AS, P.O Box 34, 9915 Kirkenes, Norway

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